VenueFort RegentCommunicareFort RegentFort Regent
11:00-12:30 (Randori)

New Joiners

New starters are always welcome and taster sessions for beginners are FREE. The youngest age that we can accommodate is 5 years old.

We can lend you a judo jacket and belt, so all you need is a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms or leggings (no zips or shorts) – you should also bring a bottle of water. Please trim fingernails and toe nails, remove jewellery and tie back long hair.

If you decide to continue with judo you will need to purchase your own judo uniform. A beginner’s judogi costs from just £20 – speak to Tony Palmer.

Judo training sessions typically consist of a warm up with mobility and breakfall exercises. This is followed by instruction, drills and practice of throwing and grappling techniques and then some sparring.

Please contact Tony Palmer on 07797850370 if you would like further details.

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